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Super Moon Beige

Love it- do it.

Practical and protected

I love that I’ve found a beige pair of period undies that are suitable for heavy days and sleeping!
These babies do the trick perfectly. I feel protected while still having the benefit of skin coloured undies to go discreetly Under any outfit.

Such comfort!

Loved these. Super comfy, slightly light on for the really heavy days and the beige does highlight any potential leaks but amazingly comfortable and easy to clean. Recommend sizing down ie M > S. Would repurchase!

Extremely comfortable

I am SO happy with these. I have fairly light periods and I can wear these all day and night with no discomfort and no smell. The high waist is really comfy. Feels SO GOOD not to be using disposables anymore.

Excellent, just not quite the right shape for me

I'm super happy with the absorbency and general comfort of these. I have fairly light periods and can wear a pair of these all day easily. Biggest thing I noticed was the lack of smell compared to disposable pads. Really, really happy with them. However, this style doesn't work too well over my belly shape (if you've had caesareans you might know what I mean!) - I need the higher waistline.

So great!!

I’ve been wanting to try out period undies for ages but just held back. I have only worn them overnight so far and they have worked great! Glad I got two pairs so I can always have a clean pair! Great investment and super comfortable- love that the absorbent area goes up all the way at the back and high enough at the front! Thanks for making such a great product!

I am usually a size 8 and got the size L and they fit me perfectly so I can’t imagine what a smaller size would feel like. Maybe comsider making your sizes larger or saying in the notes somehwere. I have a few different brands and I have been devouring my she lunar as they are the comfiest, I think because of the middle bit being quite short rather than wide which causes rubbing against my thighs in other brands, however my flow is quite light so it may be an issue for someone with a heavier flow of the middle part not coming up hugh enough. Super comfy though and no leaks!! Good job guys

Amazing :))

These are super soft and comfortable!!! I love that they are high waisted as it smooths everything nout when I wearing a dress or a high waist skirt 💃 it's a straight vibe :))

A new way

I recently changed to this method of menstrual hygiene and I am never going back. These are high quality, comfortable while remaining affordable! I highly recommend!
I have a very heavy flow the first 2-3 days and I do find I have to change to a different pair once during the day for my own comfort, which is not a problem for me.

My new thing

I recently changed to this method of menstrual hygiene and I am never going back. These are high quality, comfortable while remaining affordable! I highly recommend!
Great for medium to lighter days.

Love it

So comfy!

High Moon

Super soft and protective! love them and the brand, will be recommending to all my girlfriends! x

So happy!

Great quality! Can’t wait for my next moon :)

Ultimate comfort!

The super moon underwear are so silky and soft and the perfect high waisted underwear! Im approximately a size 12 sometimes 14 and the Medium fit perfectly. As for absorbency, I already trust the brand from previous products and can confidently wear these out in public knowing im covered. Ill continue purchasing from She is Lunar and would recommend their products to any woman.
P.s the absorbency area goes well above the pubic bone and high up at the back. I know other brands dont come close to this coverage! Truly a quality product!

A product you can trust

Ive used these for around 3-4 months and they are constantly reliable. I found for my body shape, they were a bit low cut for my comfort, so ill be ordering some super moon very soon. I have full confidence in the quality of this brand. I bought a different pair from woolies and they instantly leaked :( dont even bother! Buy from Lunar, they wont let you down!

Best thing ever to happen for women!

Wow! I never knew I could feel so confident in a pair of briefs! Besides being more comfortable than my normal knickers, I’m in love with the fact that they’ve got my back in any unforeseen circumstance if I’m out and about and get my period. Thanks for making life easy!

Super comfy, look super cute

These are honestly the comfiest underwear I own, I wear these on days I don’t even have my period aswell they’re that good


Love them, so comfortable and affordable, but would suggest getting a size up for a more comfortable fit

Cheeky Moon

So comfy!

The high moon is perfect to wear to bed, love the soft fabric and the extra coverage that I haven't seen from other brands.

Super comfy, great fit, think the front absorbent area could be slightly higher, but overall, I think I prefer these to some other big names ones!

Cheeky Moon

So so so good! Super absorbent with no leaks! Got me through the first day of a bad period, andddd working in a busy hospitality setting for 12 hours! Amazing!

Review Sizing

They were good but a bit on the small sizing I think they were more like a medium size ! So we are now trying the full moon style